Sustainable Design and Environmental Conscience

Robert and Company has a tradition of creating environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions for our past and current projects. Our staff includes LEED-accredited professionals, and we strive to put these “environmentally friendly” practices into each of our projects.

Throughout the years Robert and Company has provided the following Sustainalble practices and methods on all of our projects.

  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Rain Water and Run Off Contamination Prevention
  • Stormwater Drainage Overflow Protection
  • Erosion Prevention
  • Hazardous Spill Prevention and Capture
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Waste Management
  • Waste Water Processing
  • Contaminated Earth Sterilization
  • Bio-Swale Design
  • Rain Garden Design
  • Natural Resource Protection
  • Cathodic Protection

We have also employed “green principles” in our workplace. Below are a few of the things to make our work environment more sustainable:

  • On-site paper recycling program
  • On-site aluminum/glass recycling program
  • Encourage mass-transit for those who commute
  • Moving towards a paper-free work environment using computer technology

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Recent Projects:

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Stone Mountain Park, GA

Stone Mountain Parking Plaza
Stone Mountain Park, GA

The Rock Barn Master Plan
Canton, GA

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